• Investment required 

    For a shop of some 200m2, we estimate that you will need minimum resources of €400.000, and for a 120m2 shop, some €180.000.

  • Dedication

    Managing the business requires full-time dedication, particulary during the first years following opening.

  • Training

    The franchisee must attend a training course at head office wich lasts approximately three weeks.

    Franchisees will be responsible for training their employees based on the knowledge acquired during the training course. 

  • Experience and personal skills

    Franchisees must possess a minimum of 5 years' work experience, and have held a position of responsibilty, as they need to have the ability to lead work teams in very intense environments, opening on holidyas and with a long working day.

  • Premises

    Premises of between 100 and 250 m2 are required in prime or second-tier locations. The city must have an economic level that is greater than or equal to the national average, and a minimum population of 500.000 inhabitants. The influx of tourism is a factor that favours business turnover, although it is not exclusive when deciding on the location.

  • Financial conditions

    Granting the franchise entails the financial commitments set out below:

    • · Entrance fee:  €20.000
    • · Royalties :  €600 €/month
    • · Software license: €2.000
    • · Training:  €3.500
    • · Advertising: 1,5% of purchases
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