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Chocolate mousse


Level Low

30 min.

4 serves


- 115 g milk
-  50 g sugar
- 7 gelatine sheets
- 165 g Sampaka 70% dark chocolate chips for melting
- 225 g softly-whipped cream


Step 1. Mix the milk and sugar.  Heat half the mixture to 70° C

Step 2. Place the gelatine in cold water to hydrate it, then drain the gelatine and add the hot milk mixture. When all the gelatine has dissolved, add the rest of the cold milk

Step 3. Melt the chocolate in the microwave taking care not to burn it

Step 4. Gradually add the milk to the chocolate until you obtain an even mixture and leave to stand for 2 hours

Step 5. Whip the cream.  Gradually mix the cream with the chocolate mixture.

Step 6. Pour into goblets and chill for 24 hours in the fridge 

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